DMS PTSA can’t do any of the fun things they do without the help of parent volunteers like you!! If you’d like to volunteer in any way at Durham this year, let us know! We have a “general volunteer list” of parents (or grandparents & family members) we contact when we need help with random tasks.  Send us an email!

Below you’ll find a short description of what the PTSA does during an ordinary year.

We’ve said it before… if you really wanna see the awesome at Durham, you have to be involved. Sign up to volunteer! If you have a day, or only an hour, we need your help! Right now, we’re looking to fill a few committee chair positions. They require no experience, just a willingness to surround yourself with over 1000 of the coolest middle schoolers around. Below you’ll find a list of our standing committees. Shoot us an email if you’d like more info on volunteering in any capacity or want additional info! See you around the halls!!

Chicken Biscuit Sales – Each Wednesday morning two volunteers sell Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuits from 8:15-9:30am outside the cafeteria.

Duty Free Lunch- Volunteers are needed to monitor the cafeteria during school lunch hours once per month to allow teachers to eat lunch in peace & quiet. There is one shift of about 30 minutes per grade.

Ultimate Fun Friday- Our Wildcat behavior incentive event on designated Friday afternoons allows the students free time outside to be kids. Volunteers are needed for each grade level to sell snacks.

General Volunteers- Events always come up at the last minute or committees might need extra help. We use general volunteers to help us fill in throughout the year. Click on General Volunteer Pool above in menu to signup.

Grade Level Dances– It takes many hands to plan each grade level dance. Areas that where help is needed are planning, set up, chaperoning, clean and more. Dances are held in the spring.

Honor Roll Celebrations- After each nine weeks, the students with all A/B’s and S’s in conduct celebrate with a fun event. Volunteers are needed to help plan and chaperone during school hours.

Hospitality– Help spoil our staff by bringing in treats or having meals catered. Our hospitality committee serves our beloved staff many times throughout the year.

Membership- Sign up families, students and staff as PTSA members during the Meet & Greet before school starts. Gather local business coupons to distribute. Organize membership drive campaign in September. Maintain memberships on the memberhub website.

Reflections– Support the arts in this national competition by getting information to students about the contest. Assistance is also needed to help coordinate judges, prepare art work for submission and deliver and pick up art as needed. Putting together an awards celebration. Most work takes place early in the Fall.

School Store– Each morning 3-4 volunteers open the school store from 8:30-9:30am allowing students to purchase items needed during the school day.

Spirit Night– Help is needed to coordinate and promote Spirit Nights with local businesses and promote throughout the Durham community. These happen periodically during the school year.