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Chick-fil-A Sales

School Store Volunteer Schedule

Duty Free Lunch
Fro Yo Sales

Fun Friday Volunteers

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If you’d like to volunteer in any way at Durham this year, let us know! We have a “general volunteer list” of parents (or grandparents!) we contact when we need help with random tasks. (And we are fun. Not scary-type-A-dramatic-pushy-PTA-mom fun. Promise!) Send us an email

We’ve said it before… if you really wanna see the awesome at Durham, you have to be involved. Sign up to volunteer! If you have a day, or only an hour, we need your help! Right now, we’re looking to fill a few committee chair positions. They require no experience, just a willingness to surround yourself with 1100 of the coolest middle schoolers around.

  • We have a great list of Durham PTSA business members. We need someone to put the paperwork in order and continue to lead our efforts in partnering with the Durham business community.