Reflections Winners Announced

2019-20 Theme:

Look Within

Congratulations to Durham’s 2019  Reflections Winners!!


6th Grade:
1st Place: Luke Guarnieri
7th Grade:
1st Place: Kayla Davis
6th Grade:
1st Place: Lyla Kate LaMonica
7th Grade:
1st Place: Finn Johnson
8th Grade:
1st Place: Mary Chamberlain
7th Grade:
1st Place: Finn Johnson
8th Grade:
1st Place: Presley Robertson
2nd Place: Danica Lee
3rd Place: Ava Scheerer
6th Grade:
1st Place: Mahika Mamidipalli
2nd Place: Iyonea Robinson
3rd Place: Jodi Kluse
Special Arts:
1st Place: Riley Kellenbenz
7th Grade:
1st Place: Sydney Sessions
2nd Place: Riley Taylor
3rd Place: Ethan Reeves
Special Arts:
1st Place: Thomas Whitaker
1st Place: Rebecca Draggoo
1st Place: Harrison Whitaker
1st Place: Hailey Ball
1st Place: Jozy Jones
8th Grade:
1st Place: Chase Winters
2nd Place: Lily Scheerer
3rd Place: Sherya Adhileari
Special Arts:
1st Place: Antonio Avinger
1st Place: Avery Cordle
1st Place: Rodrigo Tortorell

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts program designed to give students an outlet for creative expression. Students interested can enter in one or all of the six categories. The categories are Visual Arts (2D/3D), Photography, Literature, Dance Choreography, Film Production, and Music Composition.