Meeting Minutes 3/5/20

Durham Middle School

Durham PTSA

Executive Committee Meeting

March 5, 2020


6:30 p.m.


The meeting is called to order by President Jessica Mirth at 6:37 p.m. Kelly Vandegriff is present to take minutes. Quorum is determined as present.

Approval to file minutes: The minutes from the last general meeting on 8/15/2019 are posted outside the front office. They have been reviewed and read by the Executive Committee and the following PTSA members: Dr. Bristow and Nicole Eddings. There have been no noted changes or corrections; therefore, President Jessica M proposed to dispense reading the minutes aloud and vote to file them for audit. Executive Committee member Shelley Mazur made the motion to file. Motion passed.


Treasurer Report: Carrie Fountain posted the financial report outside the front office door. Highlights are as follows:

TOTAL REVENUE = $65,733.39

TOTAL EXPENSES= $63,909.51

NET REVENUE       = $  1,823.88

CASH ON HAND    = $33,869.81

Jessica M explained that we funded $13,000 in classroom grants, staff appreciation week, and the 6th grade dance. We are still funding grade level dances, honor roll celebration, fun Fridays, PBIS program, and student agendas.

New Business:

Nominating Committee: At our next General meeting we will be voting on officers for the 2020-2021 school year. Jessica M asked if there are any volunteers or nominations from the floor willing to serve on the nominating committee. No one responded. Jessica M, in an effort to ensure representation from all feeder schools, proposed that Dr. Bristow, Kali Besse, Nicole Eddings, Meghan Kluse, Jennifer Lewis, and Dawn Pendley serve as the nominating committee members. No questions or discussions; Jessica M declared the nominations closed and proceeded with a voice vote for nomination committee. The “ayes” have it, and Jessica M appointed Jennifer Lewis as the temporary chair of the committee until the committee meets and elects its own chair.

There was no further business. Meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m. by Jessica M.

Kelly Vandegriff, Secretary

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