HHS Recycling Day

Electronics and Paint Recycling Day

To Benefit the Harrison High School Band Program

Sponsored by Cobb EMC

Harrison High School Marching Band will be holding an Electronics and Paint Recycle Day on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 from 9:00am-5:00pm in the Upper Parking Lot of Harrison High School.
Please bring items to be recycled such as computers, power tools, heavy metals, lawnmowers, cell phones, telephone
chargers, power cables, fax machines, TVs, monitors, etc. We are partnering with Federal Recyclers, an EPA registered
company, who will be on-site with their trucks to collect the recyclables.
There is a $20.00 requested donation per car load. 100% of this donation goes to the HHS Bands program. There is a
$30.00 processing fee for 1 FLAT panel tv/monitor and $20.00 each one after. A portion of this amount goes to HHS Bands as well.

Additional processing fees for other TV’s and Monitors
(Cathode Ray Tube TVs) $50
Projection TVs $50.
Wood framed TVs $50
Tube Monitors are $50 (CRT monitors)

We now accept paint cans!! A processing fee of $2 per quart, $5 per gallon or $10 per 5 gallon bucket is requested, with
a portion of this fee going to the band. (Paint cans do not need to be empty or have kitty litter in them)
All donations/processing fees are tax deductible. You will be given a receipt for your donation
We are now offering large item pick-ups for an additional donation fee. Contact us at
electronicsrecycling@harrisonbands.org to get details or schedule a pick-up. Items must be on first floor (no
stairs) and there is a $50 pick up charge along with any additional costs for the TV’s/monitors and paint