Helpful Info From the Attendance Office:

Morning Check In –  Parents do not have to walk their student in.  They can send a note with their child stating the reason they are late. The student will report to the attendance office to check in and receive a pass to class.

Check Out – There will be no check outs after 3:45 pm.

Fast Past for Early Check Out —  Send in a note with your child that you will be checking out early. Please include: date, time, check out reason, and parents signature.  ******  Students should take note to the attendance desk before school or during homeroom to receive an early check out “Fast Pass” which will allow them to meet their parent in the attendance office. They will not have to be called.

Please help us to limit classroom interruptions. —  If possible please plan your child’s check out time between classes and send a note. We want to limit calling into the classrooms and interrupting as much as we can.  You can find the student’s full schedule on the Durham Web page.

Also if you do not send in a note, please be patient and allow for extra time in your pick up.  You will need to wait as we retrieve your child from class, especially if they are at Fun Friday, Lunch, PE Class, Music Class and computer labs.

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