Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Contest

Middle and High School aged youth will compete for prizes in the 2019 ‘Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Contest’ at  Brain Camp VI’  hosted by the Cobb Safety Village on March 23rd, 2019.

The contest has youth/teen groups creating a safety-themed art drawing on a 4’x8’ area in the front of the Cobb Safety Village using Street Chalk. Prizes are awarded based on the Creativity of an Original Safety Design and Safety message, using one of five safety themes.

Safety Themes to choose from include:                                          

Hands Free Driving (anti-Distracted Driving), Be More than a Bystander (Bullying) Helmets Save Brains (Bicycle, Scooter, Skateboard Safety), Look, Listen, Live (Railroad Safety), and Walk Smart (Pedestrian Safety).

Safe America’s Brain Camp VI is a safety expo with presentations about youth and teen safety in school, at home, online, behind the wheel, and on the sports field. The event includes interactive demonstrations and exhibits, a full crash re-enactment and the Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Contest.

There is no fee to attend Brain Camp VI or participate in the Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Contest. The contest is for school, church or youth groups (such as Boy/Girl Scouts) .

For more information and to register for the contest, contact  Mary Lou Pagano at (404) 558-2212