Time for the Holiday Shop

The School Store could use your help in the Holiday Shop!

Thanks to the Santa’s Elves that volunteered in the Student Store to setting up the 2019 Holiday Store, it is ready for our students on Monday, December 2nd, when they return to school.

We are expecting a large turnout of students and we want to make sure they have an awesome shopping experience. To help this we are asking for 5 daily volunteers & allowing only 10 students access at a time & 5 minutes to make their purchase/s … this limitation will also help volunteers answer an questions as well as keeping a watchful eye on the merchandise.

Understanding this is a crazy busy time of year any day you can spare to volunteer would be greatly appreciated. Many opportunities are still available and please use the Sign Up Genius so we can ensure daily coverage.

Thank you all for what you do !

Reality U is Coming!!

Reality U will be rolling around again Wednesday, Dec. 18th! If you haven’t been a part of Reality U before, it’s a VERY cool program that our counselor hosts for our 8th graders. It’s an incredible activity for 8th graders to learn financial literacy & the correlation between fiscal well-being & academic achievement.  It’s a fun learning experience for the kids & a lot of fun for the volunteers too.

I know the holiday schedule fills up fast, so I went ahead & set up the Sign Ups. You don’t have to be an 8th grade parent to help out. Join us if you can! 🙂

Reality U Volunteers
Reality U Drink Donations

DMS Reflections Winners

Congratulations to Durham’s 2019  Reflections Winners!!


6th Grade:
1st Place: Luke Guarnieri
7th Grade:
1st Place: Kayla Davis
6th Grade:
1st Place: Lyla Kate LaMonica
7th Grade:
1st Place: Finn Johnson
8th Grade:
1st Place: Mary Chamberlain
7th Grade:
1st Place: Finn Johnson
8th Grade:
1st Place: Presley Robertson
2nd Place: Danica Lee
3rd Place: Ava Scheerer
6th Grade:
1st Place: Mahika Mamidipalli
2nd Place: Iyonea Robinson
3rd Place: Jodi Kluse
Special Arts:
1st Place: Riley Kellenbenz
7th Grade:
1st Place: Sydney Sessions
2nd Place: Riley Taylor
3rd Place: Ethan Reeves
Special Arts:
1st Place: Thomas Whitaker
1st Place: Rebecca Draggoo
1st Place: Harrison Whitaker
1st Place: Hailey Ball
1st Place: Jozy Jones
8th Grade:
1st Place: Chase Winters
2nd Place: Lily Scheerer
3rd Place: Sherya Adhileari
Special Arts:
1st Place: Antonio Avinger
1st Place: Avery Cordle
1st Place: Rodrigo Tortorelli

CEotY & TotY


At this weeks’ Tom Mathis Council Meeting, we recognized our Classified Employee of the Year (Mrs. Browne) and our Teacher of the Year (Mrs. Rudd). Congratulations, ladies!! Thanks for all you do for our kids!!




Wildcat Tweets!

After we lost Remind earlier this year as a quick source of passing on info, we hemmed & hawed about how to fill the gap. We try to provide as many info sources as possible to keep Durham Wildcats up to date:

  • DMS PTSA website
  • Weekly eBlasts
  • DMS PTSA Facebook page

…& now…


Follow @DurhamPtsa if you’re looking for a different way to stay in the loop!