A Note From Carey Whitman

Just a few reminders about CCSD medication at school policies:

Any, and all, medication(s) require a CCSD authorization form.  If your student carries their own medication, it requires a form. If your student keeps medication in the school clinic, it requires a form. All authorization forms, for any scenario, can be found on the CCSD website, the Durham website, in the school clinic, and I can email/fax it to you any time. Handwritten notes from home are not acceptable. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If your student carries ANY medication, please be sure it is labeled with their name. Especially emergency medication like EpiPen’s and rescue inhalers! The medication should be kept with the appropriate authorization form.

No loose mystery pills in baggies, please! All medication must be in its original container/box (with its appropriate authorization form).

Thank you very much for assisting us with keeping all Durham students, and staff, safe. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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