A Note for Rising Harrison Freshmen

A Note for Rising Harrison Freshmen:
Students will receive a copy of their Fall Semester course requests via Advisement on Wednesday, May 8th. This is only a copy of the student’s course request and not a schedule. Drop/add will run from Thursday, May 9th through midnight Sunday, May 13th for students whose schedules contain the following errors: 1) Student has not met the prerequisite(s) for this class, 2) Student has already received credit for or is currently enrolled in this class, 3) Student is missing a class on their schedule, i.e., only has 3 classes listed, 4) Student is missing a course required for graduation, 5) Student has been placed in the incorrect academic course. Students will use the following link to submit drop/add requests:  https://HarrisonHS.formstack.com/forms/fall_2019_drop_add_form 

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