A Message From Our PTSA President

Dear Durham Families,

Boy, did life really change overnight!!!  This transition to digital learning has certainly had its challenges but it has also had its successes.  With only a few hours notice teachers were asked to completely change the way they deliver content to their students, parents were asked to help their students navigate this new way of learning (for many, while still trying to work themselves) and students were expected to jump right in!  Wow, that’s a lot to expect, but you know what? Everyone did it!!!  That’s something to be proud about.  That doesn’t mean it has been easy or will get any easier.  We need to remember to be patient, kind and forgiving with each other and with ourselves.  We can all continue to do our part to support one another.

Parents, this is hard on you but remember it is hard on your kids too.  They are used to direct contact with their teachers and peers and they are missing that, especially since teachers are GREAT at giving positive reinforcement.  Try to tell your kids how proud you are of them for what they are doing every day!  And in case you need to hear it too, YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!  You may be losing your patience, you may get frustrated, you may need to step away for a minute; that is ALL okay and perfectly normal.  Take a deep breath and try again, you’ve got this!!! Remember nobody knows your kids better than you!  While a set schedule may work for one family it might not be right for yours; your student might be able to sit at the computer and knock out their work all at once or they might need to work on one subject at a time then take a break and come back to the next subject;  family game night might be just what your family needs or maybe binge watching Netflix in your own rooms is what brings you peace;  JUST DO YOU!

Remember with as difficult as this is right now, we will come out on the other side stronger than before!

Jessica Mirth
Durham PTSA President