Things are movin’ in the yearbook department!!

First, if you haven’t pre-ordered your yearbook, it’s go time! The price increases from $35 to $40 on Sept. 20, so strike while the iron is hot! Order Here! The Durham School Code is1026.

Next, 8th grade students should have gotten a flyer home about 8th grade tribute ads in the yearbook. The flyer is attached below (in case, like some of us, you never seem to get the flyers that you’ll find stuffed in the bottom of your kid’s locker in May. ;)) You can download a printable version below.

Contact Mrs. Groll at with any questions.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Whirled Peace Event

On Saturday, September 21, the Kennesaw Art & Culture Commission will be displaying Pinwheels for Peace at Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw. This “whirled peace” event is an opportunity for students, families, church members and business owners to take part in a colorful display of community unity on the International Day of Peace.

Drop off pinwheels the week of Sunday, Sept. 17 at the Ben Robertson Community Center [2753 Watts Drive, Kennesaw] or from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at Swift-Cantrell Park on Saturday, Sept. 21. Any pinwheels that remain after 6:00 p.m. on that day will be recycled.

It takes just a few supplies and a few minutes to make a pinwheel. A template can be found here and step-by-step instructions can be followed in this video.

You can also help by following @KennesawArt on Facebook and Instagram, and sharing our Pinwheels for Peace event promotion.

To learn more about the worldwide Pinwheels for Peace endeavor go to

DMS School Store College Football Competition Returns!!

College Football returns this week (FINALLY, right?!?!) which also means College Game Day is returning to the school store!  Two games will be selected each week for students to vote on the winning (or favorite) team.  Stop by the school store any day during the week to cast your vote.  It’s easy, just write your name and homeroom on a slip of paper and put it in the jar of the team you think will win!  Each Monday a name will be drawn from each winning teams jar.  Winners will get to pick an item (up to $2) from the school store as their prize.  While you’re there check out the awesome Allatoona, Harrison and Durham spirit wear for sale!!! 

Message From the Attendance Office

Early Check out
  1. Send a Note: Parents should send a note the morning of a planned early check out. The note should include the date, your child’s name, your name/signature and pickup time. Students should take the note to the attendance desk during homeroom and received a “Fast Pass”. This will allow your child to leave class and meet you in the attendance office without having to be called up. The last check out time with a Fast Pass is 3:45 PM.
  2. Be aware of Frey Elementary Dismissal Car Line at 2:15 PM: Frey Elementary dismisses at 2:15 and the car line is lengthy.  Please allow yourself extra time if checking out your student around this time.
  3. The Latest Check Out Time is 3:45 PM: If a parent arrives to check out a student AFTER 3:45 PM, please accept our apologies but we will not be able to call into the classrooms. Students will be dismissed at the normal 4:15 PM dismissal time.
  4. No Call Ahead Phone Calls: Please do not call ahead requesting a student to be called and waiting.  Students will be called from their classroom once you are in the school office and present a picture I.D.
  5. Dismissal by School Nurse: If the school nurse determines that a student can’t stay at school, the nurse will call and talk with the parent.  Please be aware that if your student calls you and states they went to the clinic, it doesn’t mean that the nurse is sending them home.
  6. Updated Contact List: Please make sure your student’s contact list is updated.  Student’s will not be release to anyone that is not on the contact list that the enrolling adult authorized.  The enrolling adult must go to the school office and show their picture ID to add or remove someone form the student’s contact list.
Late Check In
Students arriving after 9:10 AM must report to the attendance desk to receive a pass to class.  Students should also turn in parent notes and doctor/dentist notes in at that time.  Parents do not have to sign students in  school.
Parent notes/doctor notes are due within 3 school days after a student returns to school after an absence. Please send in a note with your student when they return or send in an email.   Absence notifications are not accepted via phone call.
For more info please visit:  

A Note From Nurse Carey:

Will your Wildcat need any kind medication while at school? If so:

  • Original container – box, bottle, prescriptions with pharmacy label; no loose pills in baggies, please!
  • Current date – not expired.
  • With CCSD Authorization form – any medication requires a CCSD authorization form and they’re easy to find on the DMS website, CCSD website, or in the school clinic. –
  • OTC Form Link
  • Prescription Form Link

Any questions? Nurse Carey is available at 770-975-6641 or
Thanks for helping us keep our Wildcats safe!