• Latest Info on Cobb Co School District Closure
    In accordance with Governor Kemp’s guidance and to best prioritize student and staff safety, Cobb Schools remain closed indefinitely. Per executive order from Governor Kemp on March 26th, all public schools and colleges in the state of Georgia will be closed through at least Friday, April 24th. An update will be provided by the Governor’s Office and the District prior to April 24th. Digital learning will not occur over spring break which is from April 6th through April 10th. Food distribution will continue over spring break at all designated sites across Cobb County on Monday, April 6th. School closures continue to include athletics/sports, extracurricular school activities, proms, school building activities, and trips. While our school buildings are closed, the education process has not stopped. All staff are working remotely to best support students, including delivering digital and physical instructional resources to students while they’re at home. We will continue to keep our staff and community updated through this page as the most up-to-date source of information related to the corona virus’s impact on Cobb Schools. “We continue to make decisions based first on student and staff safety and in consultation with the Georgia Department of Health and the Governor’s office.” Superintendent Chris Ragsdale http://cobbcast.cobbk12.org/?p=31924
  • A Message From Our PTSA President

    Dear Durham Families,

    Boy, did life really change overnight!!!  This transition to digital learning has certainly had its challenges but it has also had its successes.  With only a few hours notice teachers were asked to completely change the way they deliver content to their students, parents were asked to help their students navigate this new way of learning (for many, while still trying to work themselves) and students were expected to jump right in!  Wow, that’s a lot to expect, but you know what? Everyone did it!!!  That’s something to be proud about.  That doesn’t mean it has been easy or will get any easier.  We need to remember to be patient, kind and forgiving with each other and with ourselves.  We can all continue to do our part to support one another.

    Parents, this is hard on you but remember it is hard on your kids too.  They are used to direct contact with their teachers and peers and they are missing that, especially since teachers are GREAT at giving positive reinforcement.  Try to tell your kids how proud you are of them for what they are doing every day!  And in case you need to hear it too, YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!  You may be losing your patience, you may get frustrated, you may need to step away for a minute; that is ALL okay and perfectly normal.  Take a deep breath and try again, you’ve got this!!! Remember nobody knows your kids better than you!  While a set schedule may work for one family it might not be right for yours; your student might be able to sit at the computer and knock out their work all at once or they might need to work on one subject at a time then take a break and come back to the next subject;  family game night might be just what your family needs or maybe binge watching Netflix in your own rooms is what brings you peace;  JUST DO YOU!

    Remember with as difficult as this is right now, we will come out on the other side stronger than before!

    Jessica Mirth
    Durham PTSA President

  • Thoughts from Nurse Carey:

    Students, while schools are closed please continue to practice social distancing (that includes play dates…) and with the amount of cases we have in the area, everyone should be self-monitoring for symptoms.

    These links from the CDC have excellent information & advice:

    https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/ and https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/index.html

  • DMS Counselors are on the Job!

    Distance learning has been challenging, but our DMS Counselors are keeping their blog updated with helpful links & useful information:

  • Distance Learning Reading Challenge

    Distance Learning Reading Challenge!
    The Durham Library challenges students to read at least 20 minutes each digital learning day. Accept Mrs. Baker’s March Madness 2020 Reading Challenge in Biblionasium, add your books to the digital shelves, and log your minutes. For all the details, as well as for links to digital books and audiobooks, visit the Durham Library website. Also consider, using the Sora app for access to even more ebooks and audiobooks including those from the Cobb County Public Library. Mrs. Baker will celebrate those who complete the challenge with a special treat once we return to campus. Keep reading Wildcats!

  • Order Your Yearbook Now!

    Don’t forget to buy a yearbook! Even though schools are closed, the deadline to purchase is still April 3. Visit www.yearbookordercenter.com and use Durham’s code (1026) to order yours today!

  • HHS Online Summer Courses

    Rising 9th grade Harrison students, if you are planning to take an online course during the upcoming summer or during your freshman year , including the Health/PE course, please see Dr. Hunt to get some necessary paperwork.

  • Attendance Message: Fast Pass

    If you are planning on checking out your student early, please send a note to school with them that day to take to the attendance desk to received a “Fast Pass”.  This will allow them to meet you in the attendance office without being called or located.  You will still need to sign them out so please be prepared to show your picture I.D. and make sure the person picking them up is on the enrolling adult’s authorize contact/pick up list.” Please call ahead if you need to verify.

    Sending a note is extremely necessary when checking your child out on Focus Wednesdays from 3:20 to 4:15, Fun Fridays, Lunch time, P.E., and other special events.  If you have any questions please call the school office.

    If you do not send a note, please allow plenty of time for us to locate you student because it will take a while.  We appreciate your patience in this situation.

  • Women in Engineering Tech Camp
  • Important Info for Rising 9th Grade Parents

    Attention: 8th grade Parents

    Here are the key dates for 9th grade registration.  Registration for Core classes is done by teachers for each student.  Please direct questions to Dr. Hunt in the Durham counseling office.


    1/30                    Parent Night at Allatoona- 6:30pm
    2/3                      Elective Registration, paper forms will be sent home
    2/14                    Elective Registration Closes
    2/5                      Student Presentation at Durham- 9:20am


    2/5                      Student Presentation at Durham 9:20am
    2/12                    Parent Night at Harrison 6:00pm
    2/14                    Elective Registration begins in Student Vue
    2/26                    Registration Support from Harrison counselors at                        Durham – 8:30am
    3/6                      Elective Registration Closes
    4/16                    Honors/AP Night at Harrison- 6:00pm

    Friday’s in February and March from 8:30-9:30 Counselors will be available at Harrison to answer questions.