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    CCSD has begun making decisions about our upcoming school year. Check out their website for all the latest details!
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  • News from the Durham Library Learning Commons

    Summer Reading Adventure 2020 is in full effect! Students are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes every day in 2020! For all the details, check out the Durham Library Learning Commons blog.

    Also, consider joining during students and teachers for the Summer Edition of Virtual Lunch Bunch Readers! The votes are in and the Summer Edition of Lunch Bunch is reading Stacey Lee’s The Downstairs Girl which is currently available as an audiobook with UNLIMITED checkouts via Sora’s Sweet Reads program. You can access Sora via a computer through the Cobb Digital Library or via the Sora app.

    Durham students, teachers, and parents are invited to participate in weekly book discussions in a VIRTUAL format. If you are interested in joining this group, share your email address on this form, and Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker will email you the meeting link.

  • Latest On Disney Refunds

    What’s the status of the Disney refund? While the PTSA has nothing to do with the Disney trip, we do have a couple of parents that have kids that were planning to go. The information we have on this issue comes from the emails sent by the Music Dept. If you haven’t been getting these emails from the music dept, try directly contacting your child’s music instructor. (Below you’ll find text from the most recent email.)

    Dear 8th Grade Parents,

    We have been notified that the travel agency has sent out the refund check to Durham. When we receive the check, it will take a couple of days to process, then we can begin processing refund checks to you. Our school bookkeeper, Robyn Cathey, and Dr. Bristow will have to process, print, and sign over 160 refund checks, so this may take another week or two for everything to be ready. You will be refunded the amount that you paid us.

    Once the refund process has begun, we will notify everyone of a date in which you can pick up the check from Durham. If you are not able to pick up the checks on that designated pickup date, we will mail out your refund check the next day. Again, we will notify everyone once that date has been determined.

    We greatly appreciate your patience throughout this process and will give more information as soon as we can.


    The Durham Music Department

    Jennifer Aikey, Orchestra

    Susan Campbell, Chorus

    Bobby Crosby, Orchestra

    Matt Segars, Band

    Selena Sanchez, Band

  • New ’20-’21 PTSA Executive Board

    PTSA held a meeting May 18th & voted in your PTSA Executive Officers for 2020-2021. Say hello to your new board!


    Nicole Eddings
    Holly Mitchell


    Kali Besse
    Jennifer Lewis


    Ashley Henderson


    Ann Brown

    Congratulations, all! We know you’ll do an awesome job!!

  • Meeting Minutes 3/5/20

    Durham Middle School

    Durham PTSA

    Executive Committee Meeting

    March 5, 2020


    6:30 p.m.


    The meeting is called to order by President Jessica Mirth at 6:37 p.m. Kelly Vandegriff is present to take minutes. Quorum is determined as present.

    Approval to file minutes: The minutes from the last general meeting on 8/15/2019 are posted outside the front office. They have been reviewed and read by the Executive Committee and the following PTSA members: Dr. Bristow and Nicole Eddings. There have been no noted changes or corrections; therefore, President Jessica M proposed to dispense reading the minutes aloud and vote to file them for audit. Executive Committee member Shelley Mazur made the motion to file. Motion passed.


    Treasurer Report: Carrie Fountain posted the financial report outside the front office door. Highlights are as follows:

    TOTAL REVENUE = $65,733.39

    TOTAL EXPENSES= $63,909.51

    NET REVENUE       = $  1,823.88

    CASH ON HAND    = $33,869.81

    Jessica M explained that we funded $13,000 in classroom grants, staff appreciation week, and the 6th grade dance. We are still funding grade level dances, honor roll celebration, fun Fridays, PBIS program, and student agendas.

    New Business:

    Nominating Committee: At our next General meeting we will be voting on officers for the 2020-2021 school year. Jessica M asked if there are any volunteers or nominations from the floor willing to serve on the nominating committee. No one responded. Jessica M, in an effort to ensure representation from all feeder schools, proposed that Dr. Bristow, Kali Besse, Nicole Eddings, Meghan Kluse, Jennifer Lewis, and Dawn Pendley serve as the nominating committee members. No questions or discussions; Jessica M declared the nominations closed and proceeded with a voice vote for nomination committee. The “ayes” have it, and Jessica M appointed Jennifer Lewis as the temporary chair of the committee until the committee meets and elects its own chair.

    There was no further business. Meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m. by Jessica M.

    Kelly Vandegriff, Secretary

  • Thoughts from Nurse Carey:

    Students, while schools are closed please continue to practice social distancing (that includes play dates…) and with the amount of cases we have in the area, everyone should be self-monitoring for symptoms.

    These links from the CDC have excellent information & advice:

    https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/ and https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/index.html