• Opportunity School District


    This November, Georgia voters will be asked to decide on “Amendment #1” to the state constitution regarding an “Opportunity School District.” The measure would allow the state to temporarily take over leadership of chronically failing schools, up to 20 per year, and place them under a special superintendent, appointed by the governor, in hopes of improving performance.
    Georgia PTA is strongly opposed to the resolution, insisting the amendment infringes on local control of education and would strip funding. Please research this issue and know what your are voting on!
  • Ultimate Fun Friday is almost here!

    C’mon… Jump Right In!

    The kids are loving Fun Friday! It’s their reward for walking the Wildcat Way and making great choices throughout the week. But sometimes Fun Friday just isn’t enough… sometimes you need the ULTIMATE reward for the ULTIMATE middle school =).  About once a month, we’re allowed to set aside nutritional guidelines and break out the good stuff. PTSA will be selling soda, concession candy, ice pops, chips and other crazy snacks THIS WEEK. If you bought a family membership, you should have free treat vouchers to spend, so bring ’em on. Still need to join? Click the button below and you’re almost there!

  • Fun Friday… BACK IN ACTION!